Computerized Dynamic Balancing

After cleaning and overhauling / replacing the components of the rotors, they are reassembled. After reassembling the rotors, they are balanced on our high tech computerized SCHENCK balancing machines. With these balancing machines, which are listed below, we can balance rotors with total weight up to 1500 kg. The balancing procedure is been executed according to strict guidelines of the turbine and balancing machine makers to obtain the best possible result for you. Balancing certifications are available upon request.

Our balancing machines are:

  • Schenck PASIO CAB 920 – 50 kg & 16 kg
  • Schenck CAB 803 – HM 4/20 BU – TL
  • Schenck CAB 803 – H20 BK
  • Schenck CAB 690 – H4 BU – LT
  • Schenck CAB 690 – H20 BK

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