We introduce about history of MET Turbocharger since 1960. Original MET is born in 1965. New model development and the improvement have continued for about 40 years since then. Models being newly produced now are MET-SC, SD, SE, and SEII.MA. The MET-MA series was added in 2004. And MET18SRC have been produced from 2006. Our lineup is composed of 2 turbine types. One is axial type and we named SC/SD/SE and so on. The other type has the radial turbine wheel and we named it SR series. And MET18SRC is the latest and smallest turbocharger.

Three "E's" ; Economy, Easy maintenance, and Efficiency are nowadays matters of a great concern for anybody who get themselves involved with the marine and stationary diesel power plant. And the three "E's" are just the themes consistently pursued by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. in developing its MET series of exhaust gas turbochargers to help customers to gain the most out of their diesel power plants.

MET is installed on all the major engines in the world (MAN-B&W, Wartsila, UEC, etc.) as their standard.


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